Specialist Pain Physiotherapy

Pain is the most frequent reason people see a physiotherapist. Many experiences of pain might be thought of as simple; that is, they are related to a minor injury or illness, and there are effective and predictable treatment options.

However, other experiences of pain may be quite complex, often with significant distress and impact on people’s ability to function. These situations may require particular expertise to unravel the issues and develop an effective treatment plan. Camperdown Physiotherapy can assist you with the treatment and management of pain in all of its forms .

Both Tim Austin and Johnny Kang have post-graduate Masters qualifications in pain management.

In 2021, Tim completed a Fellowship through the Australian College of Physiotherapy to become the first Specialist Pain Physiotherapist in Australia. As a Specialist Pain Physiotherapist, Tim assesses and treats those pain presentations that are of significant complexity and he is often asked to conduct a “second opinion” assessment for other therapists and doctors with regards to these patients.

Camperdown Physiotherapy works in close partnership with the Inner West Pain Centre to provide multi-disciplinary team-based care. We conduct regular team meetings to discuss our patients, in order to ensure completely individualised care.

Camperdown Physiotherapy - Pain Management